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February 13 - Soups, Subs, and Pie Sale

March 26 - Easter Egg Hunt

April 26 - Election Day Bake Sale

April 30 - Soups and Subs Sale

July 30 - Soups and Subs Sale

October 1 - Spaghetti Supper 4-7PM

November 8 - Election Day Bake Sale

November 19 - Soups, Subs, and Pies Sale

Frozen Food Sale Every 2nd Thursday of the Month 5-7PM

To order pies and subs:

Call 838-4826 or 964-3009

5 days ago

Lawn Fire Company

First I would like to thank everyone that has responded to the email. We look forward to making this committee a huge success.

The first thing we need is October 27th at 8 am we are making soup and filling at the Fire Hall. Let me know if you can help this date. Then November 3, we need to bake goodies for the election day bake sale for the 6th. If you are able to help at the election day bake sale, let me know. Starting at 6 am until when ever we are sold out. Usually any where between 4-6pm.

Thank you and if there are any friends you would like to bring along, please do so!
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6 days ago

Lawn Fire Company

As most of You Already know, we are looking to start a fund raising committee. Still trying to come up with a catchy name for us. Any suggestions are welcome.

Now, we need voluneteers. There are a number of opportunities available. Do you like to bake? We have a spot for you. Do you enjoy giving back to the community? Guess what. It will not cost you anything except time and fun. Meet new people. Also feel good about what you are doing to help continue to support our volunteer Fire Fighters and Emt.

One thing I think about alot is how many times we (my family) needed to call 911 for a family member needing care. The Volunteer Fire Fighters and Emts give up so much of their time with their families and risk their lives to help others. Never once has anyone expected anything in return. I don't have alot of money to give, but I have time to donate . This is how I try and repay them. It is such a great feeling knowing I can help in other ways.

Bake goodies for a bake sale, help serve soup at the sales. Set up for fundraisers, Sell items to raise money.
The list is endless. And does not cost you a penny!

Everyone is welcome, male, female, and kids of all ages. We will find something to do for everyone.

Send me an email to sign up and I will send you information of the functions, things we need help with, and all the fun you can have.

. or

Please pass along this exciting. News to all your friends and family.

Thank you

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Consider expanding offerings at Biker Breakfasts next year. T shirts were already discussed, but how about 50/50's for those of from other areas that ride to your BB's (we are from York county), or other fun stuff like many open houses have.

Car wash

Attended many of the Lawn Carnivals!

Craft show or flea market.

Great ideas. Keep them coming.

Vendor show

Used to sell some pretty good chicken corn soup at the carnivals

Chris Cohan, we still sell the soup. In fact we sell frozen and also fresh hot soup every other month. Next one is November. Week beofre thanksgiving. At the Fire hall. Starts at 10:00 and goes until we sell out. People start lining up at 8 am to make sure they get theirs. 6.00 a quart. we sell subs and pretzel sandwhiches (better to pre order them) hot corn soup and frozen. Frozen han and bean, vegetable, spag. sauce, baked oatmeal, sausage gravy and pies for November )pre order also)

We have a long list of events we want to do next year. Including seafood feast. 😅

please keep your thoughts and ideas coming.

What happened to the frozen soup sale that was supposed to happen today?

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7 days ago

Lawn Fire Company

PLEASE watch this video!

PLEASE SHARE this post


U. S. First Responders Association
In a house fire, are you safer sleeping with your bedroom doors open or closed? See the dramatic, life-saving difference a door can make. #CloseBeforeYouDoze Find more resources from UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute to share with your community at
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2 weeks ago

Lawn Fire Company

Mike Hosking Breakfast
The New Zealand Fire Service have created an interactive experience of a real house fire showing how quickly fire spreads

Make sure you visit #EscapeMyHouse
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3 weeks ago

Lawn Fire Company

Wagon 3 was in Palmyra tonight for the homecoming parade. Here to support Cougar Football!! ... See moreSee less

Wagon 3 was in Palmyra tonight for the homecoming parade. Here to support Cougar Football!!

3 weeks ago

Lawn Fire Company

We are hiring!
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3 weeks ago

Lawn Fire Company

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Greta Thormann Rafferty

4 weeks ago

Lawn Fire Company

This little guy was found wandering around the Harvest Mill Ln. area a short while ago. Please help us locate the owner. Call our office if you can help. (717-838-1376) ... See moreSee less


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ahhh hope you find the owner,,, if not , let me know.... Linda Daneils (Ferree) Jean daniels sister in law. (:

looks like I can't even spell my name. Daniels